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To answer a few questions posed, C3 will recognize BOTH conformation and performance Champions.  Each stands on its own merit.  While we encourage the working breeds to be tested and compete in the working events, it’s not mandatory.  There will be Grand Champions for both categories too.  That being said, we will only award the title of ‘Ultimate Champion’ to a dog that has attained both the conformation and performance champion titles.

We are accepting judge’s applications.  Thankfully, we’ve received quite a bit of interest from current AKC, UKC, ABRA/OBBA, IOEBA/UCA, APA, IronDog & international judges.  It’s an honor for us that they would consider coming aboard & help us in our mission.  These people raise, breed & show a multitude of dog breeds and I feel would bring a breath of fresh air to any show.

We will be requiring more of C3 judges & have a higher standard than many of the other registries.  We will be conducting day long workshops for prospective judges that cover dog anatomy, kinesiology, breed standards, health screenings, temperament screenings, show conduct protocols, etc.  Not as a way of belittling anyone’s previous experience or knowledge, but just ensuring that every judge sees & evaluates similar things.  C3 judges will be required to pass a written exam & practical.  Yearly continuing education is also mandated in the form of these workshops.  I understand that this may offend some very qualified & experienced judges, but this is how C3 works.  Our job is to maintain integrity in how we register dogs, kennels and award titles.  And the latter is highly dependent of having quality, non biased judges.

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