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In addition to filling out all the fields on the C3 single dog registration form, you will need to submit:

* Microchip # if available.
* 4 photos (front view – right side view – left side view – top down view including the tail).
* 3 generations pedigree

* Foundation dogs (F1s) will be required to get a DNA profile done.  A canine genetic marker analysis costs about $40 through a canine DNA lab.  Click on the Owners tab above to find the available labs.
* Health screening certificates (eyes, ears, heart, etc.) if available.
* Orthopedic certificates (elbows, hips, knees, etc.) if available.
* Temperament certificates (ATTS, CGC, C3, etc.) if available.


Dog Registration Levels:

Bronze level dog certificate = basic (4 photos & previous registration/pedigree info).

Silver level dog certificate = bronze + 2 components (DNA, health, ortho or temp) completed.

Gold level dog certificate = bronze + 3 components (DNA, health, ortho or temp) completed.


Kennel Registration Levels:

Bronze level kennel certificate = basic.

Silver level kennel certificate = 75% of the breeding stock has silver certificates.

Gold level kennel certificate = 75% of the breeding stock has gold certificates.


Please email the photos to Email or fax the supporting documents to 512.442.7246. You can also mail the supporting documents to:

“Champion Canine Club Attn: Single Dog Registration 10418 Old Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78748″

* The registry reserves the right to request DNA on any questionable dogs.  Once the dog or kennel qualifies for the next level, a replacement certificate will be sent out.  The cost will be the same as a lost certificate ($15).  We can be contacted at 512.443.6567 Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.