Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You got question?  We got answers!


  1. What does C3 stand for?

C3 is short for Champion Canine Club.


  1. How does C3 differ from other dog registries?
  • Our motto is “a registry with integrity”.  To that end, we promote getting dogs DNA’d, health screened and orthopedic tested.  Dogs that can pass those processes make the best candidates for breeding.  This should increase the chances of healthy puppies and the ultimate betterment of the breeds.
  • The C3 scholarship program will be given annually to a worthy, graduating High School senior(s) to help defray the first year of college expenses.
  • C3 recognizes the need to have both conformation and performance Champions.
  • The only registry to recognize the need to separate the Olde English Bulldogges into classes (much like with the American Bulldogs).
  • Closing off of the F1 OEB breedings.
  • Quick turnaround times & fantastic communication is a priority.


  1. What breeds will you register?

C3 is an all breed dog registry, but is concentrating on the bully breeds first.  If you do not see your breed listed, please submit it.  Once accepted, we will place it online.  Since we are a new registry and there are hundreds of recognized dog breeds, it will take time to build the site.


  1. Do you require DNA testing?

C3 requires DNA testing only on foundational (F1) bred dogs or if you cannot supply a 3 generation pedigree.  While there are DNA tests that can confirm many pure breed dogs, a good deal others are not testable at this time.  However, the DNA profile are quite useful for future parentage confirmation and for future litters.  In certain instances, C3 will request that your dog be DNA tested should questions arise.  More information on DNA testing can be found here.


  1. Why do I need to submit 3 photos with my registration?

In an effort to promote integrity of the registry, we want to record many angles of the actual dog registered.  These pictures can be referenced later should questions arise.  The views that we need are: front, right side and left side.  You can attach them to the online application form or email them to


  1. What is the turnaround time for my certificates?

It should take no more than 2 weeks to receive your certificate from us after we get the application and all the supporting documentation.  We will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.


  1. What is an F1?

F1 stands for a foundational dog which was the product of mixing two separate purebred breeds.  For example, an F1 Olde English Bulldogge can be the result of an American Bulldog x English Bulldog cross.  An F1 dog bred to a generational dog will result in F2 puppies.  An F2 dog bred to a generational dog will result in F3 pups.  An F3 dog bred to a generational dog will result in generational pups.


  1. What does generational mean?

A generational dog is one that has 3 generations of the same breed of purebred dogs behind it on both the sire and dam’s sides.


  1. How does my dog qualify for a silver or gold level certificate? 

Bronze level dog certificate = basic (4 photos & previous registration/pedigree info). 

Silver level dog certificate = bronze + 2 components (DNA, health, ortho or temp) completed.

Gold level dog certificate = bronze + 3 components (DNA, health, ortho or temp) completed.


* Health screening certificates (CERF eyes, BAER ears, cardiac, etc).

* Orthopedic certificates (elbows, hips, knees, etc).

* Temperament certificates (ATTS, CGC, C3, etc).

Once a dog qualifies for the next level up, a replacement certificate will be sent out.  The cost is the same as for a lost certificate ($15).

  1. How does my kennel qualify for a silver or gold level certificate? 

Bronze level kennel certificate = basic.

Silver level kennel certificate = 75% of the breeding stock has silver certificates.

Gold level kennel certificate = 75% of the breeding stock has gold certificates.

The percentage of breeding stock is determined by the number of adult breeders registered with C3.  Once a kennel qualifies for the next level up, a replacement certificate will be sent out.  The cost is the same as for a lost certificate ($15).


  1. How can I link C3 on my website to get the free kennel registration?

It’s not hard at all.  It can be done by inserting one of the C3 images found here to your website.  To hyperlink the image or text correctly, click on the paperclip and type in in the address box.  If done correctly, it should bring the user to our site by simply clicking on the image or high lighted text.  An image is not required for a link exchange.


  1. What kennel prefix name does a puppy take?

Normal dog naming etiquette calls for the breeding kennel (owner of the dam) to hold the prefix position in the puppy’s name.  Unless otherwise contractually written and agreed to by both the owner of the sire and dam, C3 will adhere to that policy.


  1. Where will C3 host shows?

Champion Canine Club is based in Texas and Illinois, but will sanction shows throughout the USA.  If you would like a C3 show in your area, please contact us.


  1. Do you need to have a sanctioned club in order to host a show?

No.  There are several options.  Some shows are hosted entirely by individuals and merely sanctioned by C3, some are co-hosted along with us and some will be solely hosted by C3.  In every case, we require sanctioned shows to meet our minimum presentation standards.


  1. How many points does it take to become a champion?

We have a higher standard than most registries in order to become a champion.  A champion title should not be easy to acquire.  A dog must obtain 150 show points and have 3 major wins.  A major win includes: Best Male/Female (if the minimum number of dogs entered is met), Best of Breed and Best in Show.  The major wins would have to come from 3 different judges.  Two of the major wins would have to come after the age of 12 months.


  1. Why can’t a dog under one year of age become a champion?

A dog can change their appearance from how they looked as a puppy to adulthood.   Therefore, we require that 2 of the Majors be won after a dog is 12 months of age.  We will recognize Junior Champions too.  The Jr. Champion status requires 100 points and 2 major wins.


  1. Will you recognize performance dog champions?

Absolutely!  We have a firm belief that dogs bred to perform should be tested and recognized for their accomplishments.  Dogs can compete in a variety of events like weight pulling, sprinting, obedience, bite work, hang time and protection to name a few.


  1. Will show points from another registry transfer over?

No.  Due to having different breed and show standards, points from other registries do not transfer over.


  1. Will there only be conformation shows?

No.  We will also have a beginning handler’s training session, fun shows involving the kiddos (junior handlers), working events, health screenings and temperament testing in conjunction with the regular conformation shows.  We encourage your conformation dogs to also participate in performance events and vise versa.  The ultimate goal is to produce better puppies by selecting better dogs.


  1. How do you select your judges?

We have put considerable thought into not only the judging criteria of the dogs, but the selection process of our judges.  C3 judges are to know the standards of every breed in the ring that day.  C3 judges will absolutely be qualified to measure your dog against its breed standard.


  1. What are your grand champion requirements?

We require grand champions to hold an additional certifications besides conformation.  These includes: health, orthopedic, temperament, performance, etc.


  1. How do I file a complaint about a C3 registered dog or kennel?

You can fill out an online complaint form and submit the $50 deposit fee.  This complaint process is designed to eliminate false accusations and unnecessary drama.  C3 does not get involved in legal matters, but may question any of our registered kennels if they are accused of unethical behavior.  Researching a complaint takes considerable time; therefore, we take it seriously and ask that you follow our policies.  If we decide in your favor against the accused, the money will be returned to you.


  1. Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes, C3 respects all of our member’s confidentiality.  No personal information will be released on anyone under any circumstances, except whereas ordered by a court of law.